When Should We Order Our Wedding Cake?

March 16, 2016

When it comes to ordering a wedding cake most bridal magazines and blog resources will tell you to inquire about 4-6 months prior to your big day.  This may be true for larger bakeries offering the cake as part of your meal package.  But if you are looking for something special to serve your guests, you may want to reach out to your chosen specialty bakeries as soon as you have booked your venue. This is because in order to really secure the cake vendor of your choice you will need to inquire on their availability. The number of cakes a bakery may accept for a weekend can be very different and is one of the main reasons custom wedding cakes, especially large or very detailed cakes, need to be ordered as early as possible.  Where there is a last minute need for a wedding cake, you should always reach out to those on your list of favorite custom cake bakeries.  Sometimes bakeries can accommodate a last minute request (though, there may need to be some modifications made due to time constraints).    If My Daughter’s Cakes is on your bakery list give us a shout we’d love to make your special day even sweeter.