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May 13, 2020
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The landscape of weddings is going through significant changes, and will continue to do so for a while. Most couples with pre-COVID planned weddings are simply rescheduling their wedding to another date and leaving everything intact. Some couples, though, either with pre-COVID planned weddings or those newly engaged, are opting for more intimate style weddings with less stress and expense. The term "micro-wedding" has come into existence to describe those weddings under 25 guests.

Micro weddings are can be held in many locations, from restaurants, small venues, and at private homes. I really love small weddings. One of the benefits is that It gives couples a chance to really enjoy the day with their closest family and friends.

Another plus to a micro wedding is that it can provide the opportunity for a couple to upgrade some of the amenities offered to guests and add more thoughtful touches that may have been previously cost prohibitive. For instance, the premium liquor and raw bar upgrades for 150 or 200 guests at a New Jersey or New York City wedding venue may be completely out of reach. But with a lower guest count, you may now be able to work those items into your budget.

So smaller doesn't mean you need to sacrifice some of the things you love about a large wedding. You actually may now be able to include them!

The same applies to your wedding cake. A smaller wedding doesn't mean sacrificing that gorgeous wedding cake of your dreams. While it may need to be of a different scale, you can still have many of the same details. Adding a faux tier at either the bottom or the top of a 2-tier cake adds a nice 'wow' factor. For more impact, add a cake stand and perhaps some greenery or flowers around the base of the stand. Take for instance the 2-tier cake that you see at the top of our blog. We created this cake for a photo shoot at Legacy Castle. We loved this cake, which appeared in the Spring-Summer 2019 Edition of Sophisticated Weddings, because it's not short on details! What you do want to avoid is having something too large that looks ridiculously out of place given the number of guests. And you don't need to sacrifice on flavors, either! Go ahead and get 2 or even 3 flavors of cake and have small slices of each flavor on a dessert plate for your guests - talk about decadence!

Another way to up the ante at a smaller wedding is with mini wedding cake favors in acrylic boxes. They are stunning placed at each place setting. Check out our gorgeous, 3-tier mini wedding cake favors below that we created for a luncheon at Park Chateau Estates & Gardens, with photography by Gabelli Studios

No matter what you choose for your wedding day, enjoy! Take a step back, a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. Enjoy your guests, your meal, your cake. And above all else, enjoy the glorious feeling of knowing you've just begun an everlasting love.

White & Gold Mini Wedding Cake Favors
Mini Wedding Cake Favors by My Daughter's Cakes make a stunning presentation at your guest's place setting. Photography by Gabelli Studios at Park Chateau Estate & Gardens

3 Tier Mini Wedding Cake Favors
Mini Cake Wedding Favors by My Daughter's Cakes. Photography by Gabelli Studios at Park Chateau Estates & Gardens