New Jersey Luxury Wedding Cakes | My Daughter's Cakes' New Website and More

November 2, 2020
About Us

The past six months have been a real challenge for everyone. As things slowed down, I appreciated having the time so that I could take a closer look at how we're doing business.This time helped me to refine our offerings, allow for expansion, and take a look at branding.

In order to accomplish what I had in mind, I decided that the website could use a facelift. Our previous, gorgeous web design was created by William D'Aust of Ocean & Snow Design. Once again, I turned to Bill and we discussed strategy and goals. The final result is incredibly stunning, don't you think? And how about the home page image? I don't think anything could be more perfect! This photo is of our couple, Brittany and Craig, taken at Park Chateau in East Brunswick, New Jersey by the very lovely and most incredibly talented Dyanna LaMora Photography. I absolutely love how Dyanna perfectly captured Brittany's joy at seeing their wedding cake for the first time!

And with our new website, comes the new logo which, along with the website, embodies everything about My Daughter's Cakes.

So what refinements have we made? Probably the biggest change is in the way we are conducting our consultations and cake tasting appointments. We are pleased to still offer by-appointment consultations in our cake shop, keeping the limit to two people and masks. During this time, we can talk about your design ideas, plan your exact wedding cake design, along with any other offerings such as desserts or edible favors), and then proceed to finalize everything if you decided to move forward. For the cake tasting portioni, in an effort to keep everyone safe, we have a temporary suspended in-house cake tastings and came up with a better, safer method of cake tastings. We have created our in-home cake tasting kits that are available in 3 sizes. Once you choose your cake tasting kit, we will have that ready for you when you arrive for your design consultation. Or, if you prefer meeting over Zoom or by telephone, we can arrange delivery or pickup of your cake tasting kit.

So what else is new? Well, stay tuned for the next blog post for more amazing news!