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September 8, 2020
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About ten years ago, miniature wedding cake favors were all the rage. Tiny little cake squares or rounds covered in an opaque glaze were decorated with a small buttercream flower or edible flower.

Fast forward to 2020, and mini cakes have changed drastically. From generously sized single tiers to luxuriously decorated 3-tier versions, mini cakes are here to stay. Why consider mini cakes for your wedding?

First, mini wedding cakes make a fantastic favor. After all, something small, hand decorated and boxed just for one? Please sign me up. Styled after your wedding theme and colors, they make a gorgeous take home treat for your guests and are a great way to show your guests just how special they are. Larger single tier mini wedding cakes, two tier mini wedding cakes and 3-tier minis can be shared as a one per couple gift, as well.

Additionally, with concerns surrounding food and COVID-19, some feel that an individual boxed dessert is a safer option for their guests.

Either way, be sure that your tiered mini cakes are boxed in an acrylic box. This way, the favor will be more stable when carted home by a guest - or - will make a stunning presentation at each guest plate!

Here are some ideas for mini wedding cake favors. You can see more ideas by checking out our Mini Wedding Cakes page HERE.

Single Tier white and pink mini wedding cakes
Single Tier Mini Wedding Cake Favors by My Daughter's Cakes Dumont New Jersey
3-Tier white and gold mini wedding cake favors
Boxed 3-Tier Mini Wedding Cake Favor by My Daughter's Cakes, Dumont, New Jersey

Beach Mini Wedding Cake Favors
Beach-Themed Mini Wedding Cakes by My Daughter's Cakes, Dumont, New Jersey