When Do I Order My Wedding Cake - Beautiful Wedding Cakes

February 11, 2020
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One of the most frequently asked questions from potential new clients is, "Is it too early to order our wedding cake?" This is such a great question because there is much (incorrect) information that circles wedding planning websites and bridal magazines.

There are 2 source options available for your wedding cake:  First, is the vendor bakery that the venue contracts with to include a cake in your venue's meal package, and second, are custom cake bakeries with experienced cake designers.

Many national wedding planning websites and bridal magazines use a time frame for ordering your wedding cake at 4 to 6 months before your wedding. This time frame is a good timing if you're opting for the cake that is included in your venue's meal package. But what about a specialty cake designer at custom cake bakery?

Custom cake bakeries are small, cake-focused shops that typically work by appointment only. Some cake design shops offer a wide range of occasion cakes, from baby and children's cakes to wedding cakes, and sometimes include other offerings such as decorated cupcakes or cake pops. Other cake shops may tailor their business to a specific category of cakes.

Because of their size, what all custom cake bakeries hold in common is having to limit the amount of work that they take on any given day or weekend. Add in popular party dates, wedding dates, and delivery schedules, and there is a chance that the cake design company you have your heart set on may not be available. So what should you do?

My recommendation is to start fairly early with your research. Look at reviews, quality of the design work, and reputation. This is best done after you've secured your venue so you can present the most information about your wedding to the cake designer when you call or send an inquiry. There are, however, cake design shops that may permit you to book your cake without having yet secured your venue, using an approximate wedding date.

Should you feel that you need to wait until you know every detail about the cake you want? No, you should never feel pressured if you don't have a cake design in mind or unsure of the process. The cake designer should provide you with assistance in terms of flavors, styles, designs and options for your wedding cake, and guide you every step of the way.

So when should you order your wedding cake? If a gorgeous and delicious custom wedding cake is high on your list of wedding priorities, start as early as possible. It's never too early.

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