9 Wedding Cake Trends New Jersey & NYC | My Daughter's Cakes

April 7, 2017

There are some really beautiful wedding cake trends for 2017 that are gracing cake tables everywhere. Here are a few - and some I predict will be here to stay!

1. White-on-white wedding cakes. White wedding cakes are classic and romantic, and evoke feelings of purity and trust. White doesn't need to be 'boring,' either. Incorporating subtle variations of white actually bring a great deal of interest to a cake and add depth and movement to design.

2. Metallic - Never so much since the 'bling' trend have we all loved metallics. From varying shades of gold to silver to the growing rose gold, metallic coloring add richness to a design. You don't need to have an entire metallic cake tier - less can speak volumes. I believe that the use of metallic will be here to stay, in one form or another.

3. Beaded wedding cakes. Love the beaded wedding cake trend! What better way to add texture than with beading. Sugar beads provide an opportunity to bring in either touches of color or full-out color drama. Here is also a great opportunity to incorporate two trends - White cakes and metallics. Think about adding small touches of metallic beads to a white cake.

4. Lace. Lace wedding cakes will never stop - at least not at our shop here in New Jersey! Lace cakes, especially with beading, remain a popular choice for those who love traditional and romantic wedding cakes. Check out our bride and groom above, and don't drool too much over her white, lace and beaded wedding cake! Photography by Dove Photography (www.dove-photography.com)

5. Painted cakes. Hand painting on cakes has been around for quite a while, but gaining in popularity. A new twist on the painted cake are the stained glass wedding cakes, equally and beautiful and creative.

6. Greenery. Pantone's color for 2017 is green and we're seeing quite a bit of it here at the shop. The most popular way to incorporate green that I see is the creation of trailing (sugar) vines and leaves. This is especially popular with weddings that have a more boho or woodland theme.

7. Ruffles - I gotta say that I'm a sucker for ruffles and whether formed into beautiful, winding rosettes, made as individual pieces, or to liven up a fondant ribbon border, ruffles are here to stay. If you think you love the look of ruffles encasing an entire cake tier, then this is best done using the bottom tier of a cake. When ruffles - no matter how delicate - cover an entire cake tier, they add width to the cake, so the look is somewhat heavier.

8. Sugar flowers - **Sigh** loves of my sugar life, they are. Sugar flowers can be designed to fit any style or feel - classic, romantic, fun, or down-to-earth, and made into any color. The benefit of sugar flowers are many: for one, they are made to compliment the size of the cake and cake tier. One of my pet peeves is a where real flowers are used and the size of the flower vs. the size of the cake tier isn't taken into consideration. The end result is very awkward look. Are real flowers cheaper than sugar flowers? Probably not much of a difference since you still have to buy the real flowers from the florist. Second, sugar flowers are safe for cakes. Not all real flowers are safe. Hydrangea and Peonies are highly poisonous. Third, long after those real flowers have passed on, your sugar flowers will remain if properly taken care of. I have mine from our wedding 12 years ago - still vibrant! Sugar flowers on cakes will live forever.

9. Shaped cake tiers - Here's one trend that fits any wedding theme. How about using hexagon, octagon, oval, petal or cloud shaped tiers in your cake design? An awesome way to do this is to either swap out a round bottom tier for a different shape or incorporate that shape as an elevated second tier, making a high-low effect. Doing both adds a great balance to the cake design.

No matter what design you go with, incorporating a bit of trend can add freshness to the look. I love these trends and, though one of two may fall out of popularity, I think bits and pieces of them all will remain in cake design for many years to come.

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