Popular Wedding Cake Flavors in 2015

February 8, 2016
Sara Wight Photography

Wedding cake flavors vary from year-to-year as much as wedding cake styles.  Looking back at 2015, here's what we kept running low on at the shop:

Year Round Flavors:

Regardless of the time of year, here's what everyone went gaga over winter, spring, summer or fall:

The elegant, yet decadent, Chocolate Hazelnut Frangelico mousse with raspberry compote and hazelnut praline took the running with equal pairings of chocolate cake and vanilla cake.    

For the vanilla cake fans, your go-to flavor was Strawberry.  We can't keep enough of this in the shop.  Probably it's because we use real strawberry and are able to achieve that bursting-with-strawberry goodness everyone craves without the use of artificial yuck.

Chocolate cake fans, our newest Mixed Berry flavor took you by surprise, and you loved every last morsel.

Summer Flavors:

Everyone must love Pina Coladas, because Pineapple Coconut Rum was a huge hit over the summer.

Summer also so the return of lemon cake!  I was thrilled because I don't think lemon is given it's proper due.  You loved it with everything from strawberry to white chocolate to almond. Lemon is a sure sleeper!

Fall Flavors:

Always popular in late summer through winter is our Apple Spice Cake.  If you think of your favorite childhood memories of warm apple pie, it's been captured in the Apple Spice Cake.  Pairings with this flavor ranged from a simple vanilla bean (so think apple pie a la mode!) to cream cheese filling to caramel (caramel apple!).  

Sneaking into the Fall lineup was pumpkin!  Yes, believe it or not, Pumpkin cake replaced the once-popular Molasses Spice cake.  It's soft, moist, with an appropriate amount of warm spices. It pairs ridiculously well with caramel and white chocolate cream cheese filling.  Shown in the photo above right is a slice of the Pumpkin Cake with caramel filling taken at the October 2015 wedding of my clients Maggie & Joe at Sleepy Hollow Country Club.  Delicious thanks to Sara Wight Photography (www.sarawightphotography.com) for the awesome cake slice photo.  The beautiful wedding photography of my clients James & Jasmine shown above top was taken by Sherry Sutton  (sherrysutton.com)

Off-beat Flavors:

There's nothing I love more than when you want to offer "different" to your guests.  Dark Chocolate Cabernet cake was the chart-topper in this category!

Though it's very early in 2016, would you like to know what's popular so far? Hang on to your seats ... it's Carrot Cake!  Delicious with a simple vanilla bean filling, most love it with a hint of citrus and a traditional cream cheese filling.  On the vanilla front, Vanilla Amaretto is gaining in popularity.

What kind of flavors are you thinking about?  I'd love to know!