How to Choose Wedding Cake Flavors | My Daughter's Cakes

September 29, 2016

Wedding cake flavors have come a long way from just vanilla. Here at the shop, we have some tried and true favorites and those that are off the beaten path. Both ends of the spectrum are popular. How do you decide what's right for your reception?

Here are some ideas to think about before you schedule your cake tasting:

1 Considering choosing cake flavors that compliments your dinner menu - perhaps one gourmet-type combination and then perhaps that safe bet.  For instance, a Spanish tapas-inspired menu or Latin themed dinner might lend itself well to a Chocolate-Chili cake flavor combination, along with a Vanilla Dulce du Leche cake flavor combination.

2 Choose seasonal cake flavors. Spring and summer wedding guests may enjoy lighter dessert flavor options, such as lemon, strawberry or passion fruit. Late summer and fall invoke warmer flavors such as apple, spice, or pumpkin that make a delicious transition to cake. For winter, warm your taste buds up with a white chocolate walnut and cranberry combination, caramel spice, or even chocolate creme de menthe.

3 Re-create a memory. Incorporating flavors that reflect a childhood favorite dessert into your wedding cake can be so much fun for your reception. Did your family gather on summer nights to make s'mores? Did you share a dessert on your first date? Having your baker take ideas and translate them into your wedding cake is such a sweet, personal touch to your wedding.

4 Booze it up. Are you and your love cocktail aficionados? How about Chocolate Bourbon or Pineapple Coconut Rum cake flavors? You can also take a seemingly safe bet such as Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Buttercream and kick it up several notches with Elderflower liquor or the popular Champagne.

Work with a baker that is willing to help you create flavors special to you. Having multiple cake flavors at your wedding offers guests flavors choices or, perhaps, have your baker size the cake so that your guests can have a smaller piece of each flavor.

Having the best tasting cake and flavors that you love will make for the sweetest ending to your wedding reception.