How Many Cake Flavors Should We Have? | Best Tasting Wedding Cakes

November 15, 2017

Whether you are just looking at wedding cake pictures or getting ready to schedule a cake tasting, no doubt you've had thoughts of choosing mouth-watering cake flavors for your guests. After all, the best part is underneath all that beautifully decorated exterior!

Likely, you'll be presented with several (or hopefully, many!) cake flavor options at your tasting. How do you choose the number of cake flavors you should have?

As I sit with our clients, together we determine the number of cake tiers for their cake. This is based on our couple's preference (their vision) and the number of guests. We also decide whether our couple would like to save the top tier for a later time. If so, then that is one less cake tier to take into consideration.

It is definitely possible to have a different flavor on each tier and, with certain size cakes, I do recommend doing this. The one thing to keep in mind, though: as the diameter of the cake tier changes, so do the number of servings. If you are keeping your top tier, then the next tier down (2nd cake tier) will give you the least amount of serving. 

I am of the belief that a couple should offer at least two cake flavors to their guests. If your wedding cake is the only dessert option and you are having approximately 100 guests or less, then I recommend sticking to two cake flavors. If you are having around 120-150 guests with or without dessert table or Venetian Hour, then go for 3 cake flavors. For larger weddings of 175 guests or more, with or without a dessert table or Venetian Hour, then I say the sky could be the limit.

A word of caution, though: some wedding cake bakeries will charge extra for more than two cake flavors. If it's your vision to offer a range of cake flavors for dessert, talk to your prospective baker ahead of time to determine any extra costs involved.

So don't hesitate to pull out all the stops for your cake flavors. Your guests will surely appreciate such a sweet experience!

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Delicious Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake by My Daughter's Cakes; Photography by Sara Wight Photography