Bold Colors in Wedding Cakes

October 24, 2016

Bold colors in wedding cakes are the rave this fall. Any why not? Incorporating bold colors adds a certain richness and depth to a cake and transform ordinary to extraordinary.

Take for example this beauty delivered to Hackensack Golf Club. The style of the cake is very classic and simple. Adding a blast of bold red sugar roses, along with lighter sugar dahlias, bring the cake to a whole new level. I love the look of a large spray of sugar flowers on the side of a cake, and this look pairs especially well with a more classic design.

Beautiful weddings cakes in New Jersey
Bold color sugar flowers by My Daughter's Cakes Venue: Hackensack Golf Club

Going full out bold colors brings us to the second wedding cake of the weekend. I adore this cake because of the black canvas. A black wedding cake is incredibly elegant when a combination of bright, pastel and bold color is added. Here, the sugar roses are made up in 3 colors of peach, ivory and dark red. A pop of gold leaf adds just enough balance to the design. We delivered this cake to Catherine Lombardi Restaurant in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

New Brunswick Weddings by My Daughter's Cakes
Elegant Black Wedding Cake by My Daughter's Cakes

Whatever your style, adding a pop - or a big bang! - of dark or bright colors to your wedding cake can truly make your cake extraordinary.