Best Cake I've Ever Had - Kent, CT Wedding

August 1, 2017
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A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Kent, Connecticut to deliver a 4-tier wedding cake (pics coming soon!). One of the most awesome features of this wedding cake was that the couple and family chose four different cake flavors for their guests. And by 'four different cake flavors', I mean some completely out of the ordinary and off the charts!

The wedding was catered privately. Both the caterer and family asked that we cut/serve the wedding cake at the designated time. It's always such a delight to do this.  I get the biggest kick out of explaining the cake flavors to the guests because some find it hard to believe that this or that type of cake flavor is at a wedding - they're so excited! And then they return to try something else. Which is one reason why all of us love doing what we do.

Last night I received an inquiry request that came with this beautiful note, below. Will your guests be saying this at your wedding? For those who feel that no one eats the cake, here's my response: when you serve guests great cake, they'll eat it. It's like any other meal. If you served your guests dried out, flavorless steaks, would they eat it? Or would it be left on the plate? Food for thought.

Best Wedding Cake
Will your guests say this?