36 Questions To Fall In Love Over

August 28, 2017

A little diversion from the usual weekend wedding cake post, but I thought so worth sharing!

So while taking a short trip to the Jersey Shore last Sunday to visit with my husband's childhood friend and his wife, I realized that we completely missed our dating anniversary. I mentioned this to Tim and he, too, realized we missed this important celebratory date. We've been together over 15 years and each year we acknowledge the date in some way. We both felt badly. How does this happen? It happens because in the lives we all lead, we become focused on just getting through the day, resolving the current crisis, everyday routines sometimes take over. Everyone's lives, not just ours, are filled with some kind of stress factors that, unfortunately, redirect our attention from the beautiful relationship that we have with our spouse. 

While discussing our missed dating anniversary on the way home, Tim mentioned an article in the New York Times called The 36 Questions That Lead To Love. He thought it would be fun to explore the questions. I thought it would be fun, too, but, honestly, after 15 years together, what could I learn? I was wrong!

One of the things that I appreciated about the questions is that it really made you reach down inside yourself and then share that feeling. Many questions involved situations that you might not otherwise think about. I also love how the questions focus on the positive aspects of you and your spouse.  Hearing about your positive qualities from your spouse is so heartwarming. I remember one question in particular that, upon hearing my husband's endearing answer, made me choke up and shed several tears.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Grab your spouse and a bottle of wine, and be prepared to fall deeper in love with 36 questions!