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Imagine Your Cake

Your wedding cake will be the centerpiece at your reception.  A delicious presentation of confectionary art, a wedding cake is more than just a dessert.   A custom wedding cake brings delight to you and your guests and is a sweet representation of your future together.  A beautifully designed wedding cake can be that one element that brings your reception décor together, like a lush bow on a beautiful package.  

Our design philosophy is simple:  we believe every couple is different and, therefore, your cake design should be unique to who you are as a couple.

How does the design process work?  The design process is best done when you share with us as much information as possible to create your custom-made wedding cake.

Either before or at our consultation, feel free to bring with you any pictures or items that convey your ideas, color scheme and/or theme, such as: pictures of your wedding dress, attendants’ dresses, floral arrangements, cake photos, your Pinterest board or other sources of information for your special day. If you need some inspiration be sure to check out some of our different styles of wedding cakes.

At our consultation, we’ll talk about sizing, structure, achieving textures and highlights, sugar flower types, placement and design, and many other decorative elements.

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