Dessert Tables

Are you looking to take your wedding cake to the next level? Present your guests with a variety of freshly crafted desserts created especially for you, tailored to your theme, cravings, or, perhaps, childhood dessert memories. From freshly made glazed donuts to homemade cream puffs filled with flavored French-style pastry creams, to cookie ice cream sandwiches, mini pies, and everything in between, these truly unforgettable desserts will be the icing on your truly unforgettable wedding.

“She not only made the most beautiful cake I've ever seen, she also made so many custom yummy treats that got rave reviews at the wedding! And Denise came up with creative solutions to make sure I got my much needed ice cream sandwiches, which are obviously a logistic nightmare for an outdoor wedding."Ashley & Max, Monteverde at Oldstone, Cortlandt Manor, NY

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