Jennifer and Chris

November 21, 2017

The magnificent estate of Pleasantdale Chateau hosted one of the most romantic winter weddings we've been a part of, the wedding of Jennifer and Chris.

Jennifer and her mom, Loretta, knew that the cake had to be just as luxurious as the wedding - both in taste and in beauty - so they opted to look beyond the standard offerings. They wanted the cake to convey a feeling, not just take on a specific style and, of course, to be the most delicious cake ever. For the design, Jennifer and Loretta loved classic piping and wanted to incorporate lace.

I met Loretta through their floral and event designer, Laurelwood Designs, with a mere 3 weeks to spare before the wedding. Though time was short, Loretta and I spent a great deal of time achieving perfect balance in the design and vetting out the correct hue of fondant. And those sugar flowers! Of utmost importance was realism in the sugar flower, which, of course, we know how to deliver!