Hillary and Claudio

April 7, 2017

Hilary & Claudio had a romantic black, white & blush themed wedding at Ridgewood Golf & Country Club.   For them, it was of utmost importance to strike that perfect balance between a gorgeous, elegant cake and one that was over-the-top delicious. Since the cake was the only dessert, Hilary & Claudio thought it would be a great idea to serve each guest a slice of two very different cake flavors.

Bow details on Wedding Cake by My Daughter's Cakes
Beautiful Bow Detail by My Daughter's Cakes

We met for two cake tastings. The first tasting was about 6 months before their wedding date, and they sampled a general assortment so they could get a sense of the quality of our cakes. At the first tasting, they knew right off that one of their cake flavors would be a dark chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream. The second tasting occurred about 2 months before their wedding date after the menu was chosen so they could hone their selection of a second flavor to compliment the menu. For the second tasting, I created different cakes and fillings involving almonds, white chocolate and lemon, all of which were some of their favorite flavors.  Those combinations were a winner! Their second cake flavor was a Lemon almond cake with white chocolate buttercream.

Weddings at Ridgewood Country Club by My Daughter's Cakes
Wedding Cakes by My Daughter's Cakes

Their wedding cake would need to serve about 180 guests, and each guest would have a slice of each flavor.   An undecorated kitchen cake helped to achieve the required number of servings so that we did not need to increase the size of the decorated cake to larger than 4 tiers.

The design of their cake incorporated several elements used in their wedding theme: bows, roses, hydrangea. The balance of soft colors in the sugar flowers with black really made their cake a knock-out.

Weddings at Ridgewood Country Club by My Daughter's Cakes
Sugar flowers by My Daughter's Cakes

Many, many thanks to Fede Photography for his beautiful wedding cake photography. I especially love the playful shots during the cake cutting!