Helina and Matt

November 28, 2017

I'm going to come right out and say it - we have the best clients at My Daughter's Cakes! And our beautiful couple Matt and Helina are no exception. Sitting with Helina, Matt and their moms was just like sitting with friends I had known for many years. We laughed, ate (lots of) cake, and laughed some more. As we concluded each of our consults, we all felt like we were going to burst from all the excitement of the breathtaking beauty that we meticulously planned.

Helina and Matt chose Park Chateau Estates for their incredible wedding. As one of New Jersey's newest wedding venues, Park Chateau boasts old world grandeur through European-style architecture that captures the epitome of romance.

Helina's vision for her wedding cake began with neutral tones, incorporating lots of sugar flowers, tons of details, and gold accents. Helina and Matt wanted a show-stopping, romantic cake for their 400 invited guests. To accomplish this, we started with a heavily decorated 2-tier base in the shape of a scallop or petal and added 6 more detailed tiers. Two separators added more height: one filled with many varieties of sugar flowers and the other in soft pearlized gold. The icing on the cake (pun very much intended!) was the enormous display of sugar flowers on the top tier.

Our clients love to cook and they felt that nothing less than the best tasting cake would do - after all, all the delicious, gourmet food planned for their guests should follow with an outstanding tasting cake! They chose a whopping six (yes, six!) cake flavors to treat their guests and told me by the next day the leftovers were wiped out!

Helina and Matt's wedding was beautifully orchestrated by Details Made Simple with Kim at the helm. The utterly gorgeous photography captured by MPW Media Group. Check out a few of my faves below!

Luxury Wedding Cake
Sweet Smooches at Park Chateau Estates - Wedding Cake by My Daughter's Cakes
Luxury Wedding Cake
It's all about the sweet details created by My Daughter's Cakes